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A record player, a view and restful sleep   Leave a comment

I’ve never reviewed a hotel, inn, Airbnb or other away-from-home accommodation, but The Lincolnville Motel in Maine warrants mention.

Lincolnville is barely a distraction on U.S. Highway 1 and we almost missed the driveways into the motel. I’m glad we didn’t (even though we had reservations).

We were greeted by Alice, the owner, and Lucy, her affectionate Golden Retriever. Along with keys to our retro motel cabin, we received an envelope with house rules and suggestions for nearby attractions, and two sets of earplugs. Alice pointed out the pool, now closed for the season, and led us to the large sitting area lined with shelves of books, board games and record albums.

Our room featured a queen bed, small table with a record player, a globe, small refrigerator and an expansive view across a field leading to the ocean. Unfortunately, the road to the water leads to private property, but the view is public!

Maine in early October gets chilly and our room certainly was.  The small wall heater took some time getting up to speed. Due to the chill in the air, we felt like we were camping in a large, exceptionally comfortable tent.

It’s been years since I’ve listened to albums, so it was fun going through the large selection in the common room and taking a few back to our room.

I eventually figured out that the earplugs were provided because of the proximity to the highway. Yet, they weren’t needed. The night’s sleep was certainly peaceful.

Lincolnville Motel

4 Sea View Dr. (aka U.S. Highway 1)

Lincolnville, ME  04849

Good eats in Maine   Leave a comment

Part of the fun of traveling is enjoying cuisine specific to the area visited. So, when in Maine that means fresh seafood.

We had some excellent meals and others best be described as meh; nothing special. I’ll focus on the former.

To say Red’s Eats in Wiscasset draws a crowd is an understatement. The line to order wrapped around the block and movement was negligible. Sprague’s Lobster, across the street, overlooking the Sheepscot River had plenty of full picnic tables, but the line was only a few people deep. There we ordered a lobster roll with drawn butter on the side and fries. The toasted hot dog bun was hidden beneath large pieces of fresh, sweet and slightly briny lobster. It was a great start to our vacation.

If ever on U.S. Highway 1, which closely follows the coast (although it’s mostly hidden by dense woods), fresh-baked goods are worth a stop at Dot’s Market in Lincolnville.

A full lobster dinner at West Street Café in Bar Harbor was just what I’d been anticipating. Unlike many restaurants, market prices were provided without having to ask. My “Downeast Special” included clam chowder, a 1-1/4 pound lobster, slaw and blueberry pie.

The Colonel’s Restaurant and Bakery in Northeast Harbor had another of my favorites: scallop and lobster bake. Not particularly beautifully plated, this was a combo of 1/3 lobster pieces and too many rich, creamy scallops to count cooked in butter and topped with cracker crumbs. Mixed together it created a sweet/savory gravy.