Bookmarks and Plates   6 comments

The rating scale for books:

Five bookmarks = Unable to put it down
Four bookmarks = Sorry to have it end
Three bookmarks = Worth reading
Two bookmarks = Reminiscent of required reading
One bookmark = A magazine might be better

The rating scale for restaurants:

Five plates = Deliciously unforgettable
Four plates = Better than Mom’s
Three plates = Good enough for a return visit
Two plates = Hunger triumphs taste
One plate = Ties with a vending machine


Posted October 15, 2011 by bluepagespecial

6 responses to “Bookmarks and Plates

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  1. This is great! Give us more!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

  3. Your reviews are honest and well written. I must admit I am a bit apprehensive to ask, but I am curious to know how many bookmarks you would give Summoning The Strength. The ideas for the story accumulated over four decades, the fast and furious writing of it took much less time. I invite you to visit my blog and the “look inside” of my book at Please contact me if you are interested in reading it.

  4. Well here I am as promised! I ordered The Room just now and will begin it tonight! Perhaps coffee and discussion after the holidays?

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