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The Chipotle formula for selling freshly-made burritos is increasingly commonplace. What may be unusual, however, is finding a fast Mexican eatery with authentically good food. Azada Mexican Grill makes the grade with its “Build Your Burrito” menu.

Six meats, including grilled chicken, shredded pork and carne asada are offered. I couldn’t decide between shredded beef with green chile sauce or the Rojo, pork in red chile. I was offered samples of both, although that only made the decision more difficult since both were abundant in flavor. Sensing my inability to choose, I was asked if I wanted to sample anything else. I did, but I suspected it would only hamper my decision-making abilities.


Ultimately, I opted for the Rojo. Azada makes its own flour tortillas, which are also sold by the dozen. These are just the right density to contain the contents of a burrito, but not pita-thick. A choice of Mexican Rice and Cilantro Lime Rice, refried or whole Beans are part of the package, as are several salsas. The tender pork in piquant red sauce rendered a salsa superfluous. I did ask for a dollop of sour cream to temper the subtle kick of the sauce.

Breakfast burritos and a handful of entrees are also available.

Not only is the food fresh and delectable, but the staff is friendly and solicitous. Orders are placed at the counter and burritos are made as you wait. Still, the staff checks to ensure everything is fine, all of which sets Azada apart from the pack.

Azada Mexican Grill
Four Plates
16 E. Bijou
Colorado Springs, CO


On a Lark   Leave a comment


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes there is nothing I want more than a good burger. One pink in the middle and so juicy I have to wipe my mouth after every bite. I’d heard that hamburgers at Larkburger were cooked to order, but I wasn’t sure about the messiness potential. I needn’t have worried.

Made with 100 percent all natural Black Angus beef, the burgers come in two sizes: the Little Lark, which is slightly larger than a slider, and the 1/3 pound Larkburger. Lettuce, tomato and red onion are standard; other toppings include bacon and three cheese options.

No burger joint is worth its salt without fries. Of course, Larkburger serves French fries, but it also offers what can only be described as a gourmet variation. Truffle and Parmesan Fries, fried in truffle oil and dusted with Parmesan cheese and parsley, are even better than they sound. They’re downright addictive.


The menu provides plenty of variety including a vegetarian sandwich, BLT and Turkey Burger, among others. Three salads are also available.

One thing that caught my eye was The Five Dollar Shake; that’s not just how much it costs, but also what it’s called. I couldn’t bring myself to indulge this time, but such forthrightness suggests it might just worth the five bucks. Prices are on the high side, but quality does come at a cost, as does supporting a company’s efforts to be green.


My Little Lark was a three-napkin burger: every bite was a dripping mess.

Four Plates
1904 Southgate Road
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Fast Food Confessions   Leave a comment

A look at fast food establishments I’ve frequented through the years
doesn’t just show where I’ve eaten, but also explains certain points
in my life – usually involving my kids, and/or a younger me. Match
column A with column B:

1. Taco Bell                         a. Parent of college-age children
2. McDonald’s                   b. Parent of preteen kids
3. Subway                           c. Life before kids
4. Local burger joints      d. Parent with no kids at home
5. Panera Bread                e. High school kid (before Chipotle)
6. Chipotle                         f. Parent of young children

I’m not proud to confess some of this. On the other hand, many of
these places are rites of passage. Right now I’m at d – a perfect
match for Panera Bread. It’s quick, consistent (in a positive way),
and the menu changes often.

Recently, the vegetable soup was a perfect way to rebuff the cold,
finally-winter day. Full of vegies, pasta and augmented in flavor by
a dollop of pesto that was quickly absorbed by the hot tomato-base.

I added a superfluous and unimaginative salad. It was my own fault
for ordering a basic mix of greens dressed with bland vinaigrette.
Panera has numerous salads that are well-above average (like the
Fuji Apple). I was uninspired when ordering and my taste buds bore
the brunt of that decision. Thankfully, the accompanying baguette
had a hard chewy crust; its inside was soft and airy.

The way I match the columns is 1 e; 2 f; 3 b; 4 c; 5 d; and 6 a.

Panera Bread
Three Plates
1845 Briargate Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO
(Panera Bread is located in most cities across the country)