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A look at fast food establishments I’ve frequented through the years
doesn’t just show where I’ve eaten, but also explains certain points
in my life – usually involving my kids, and/or a younger me. Match
column A with column B:

1. Taco Bell                         a. Parent of college-age children
2. McDonald’s                   b. Parent of preteen kids
3. Subway                           c. Life before kids
4. Local burger joints      d. Parent with no kids at home
5. Panera Bread                e. High school kid (before Chipotle)
6. Chipotle                         f. Parent of young children

I’m not proud to confess some of this. On the other hand, many of
these places are rites of passage. Right now I’m at d – a perfect
match for Panera Bread. It’s quick, consistent (in a positive way),
and the menu changes often.

Recently, the vegetable soup was a perfect way to rebuff the cold,
finally-winter day. Full of vegies, pasta and augmented in flavor by
a dollop of pesto that was quickly absorbed by the hot tomato-base.

I added a superfluous and unimaginative salad. It was my own fault
for ordering a basic mix of greens dressed with bland vinaigrette.
Panera has numerous salads that are well-above average (like the
Fuji Apple). I was uninspired when ordering and my taste buds bore
the brunt of that decision. Thankfully, the accompanying baguette
had a hard chewy crust; its inside was soft and airy.

The way I match the columns is 1 e; 2 f; 3 b; 4 c; 5 d; and 6 a.

Panera Bread
Three Plates
1845 Briargate Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO
(Panera Bread is located in most cities across the country)


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