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Mas que Tacos Part I   Leave a comment

It might be a cliché, or at least an exaggeration, but it seems as if there’s a taco stand on every corner in Mexico City. While the made-on-the spot, hand-held typical street food is fresh and tasty, there’s much more to the cuisine than what you’d expect. Nonetheless, this post will focus on what comes to mind when thinking of Mexican food – beyond tacos.

Cabrera mole

Mole is one of my favorites and I had it twice. Both were the dark, Oaxacan versions that were rich, smooth and blended the sweet with the savory. However, my preference was for Cabera 7’s rendition. Although, it was beautifully plated, the chicken arrived cold and had to be sent back to the kitchen. When it did arrive with the proper temperature, it was exceptional. House-made, fresh corn tortillas and white rice helped absorb some of the sauce so none of it went uneaten.

cabrera music

The other mole was at Sanborn’s. This ubiquitous chain has everything: clothing, accessories, a pharmacy, shoes, a restaurant and more. The mole here was too sweet; it lacked the balance that’s the hallmark of the dish. It’s a department store, afterall.

Burritos are less common in Mexico than you might think, but Ensalada y Burritos Gourmet demonstrated what many fast-food burrito chains lack: an abundance of flavor. My thick burrito was packed with pibil, a colorful, more savory-than-spicy version of pulled pork, with rice and black beans.

We did venture away from the standards, but that’s for another post.

Cabrera 7
Plaza Luis Cabrera 7, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Norte,
06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Ensalada y Burritos Gourmet
Coahuila 125,Roma Nte.,
06700 Ciudad de México, D.F.,México, Mexico


Burrito Bonanza   Leave a comment

azada insign

The Chipotle formula for selling freshly-made burritos is increasingly commonplace. What may be unusual, however, is finding a fast Mexican eatery with authentically good food. Azada Mexican Grill makes the grade with its “Build Your Burrito” menu.

Six meats, including grilled chicken, shredded pork and carne asada are offered. I couldn’t decide between shredded beef with green chile sauce or the Rojo, pork in red chile. I was offered samples of both, although that only made the decision more difficult since both were abundant in flavor. Sensing my inability to choose, I was asked if I wanted to sample anything else. I did, but I suspected it would only hamper my decision-making abilities.


Ultimately, I opted for the Rojo. Azada makes its own flour tortillas, which are also sold by the dozen. These are just the right density to contain the contents of a burrito, but not pita-thick. A choice of Mexican Rice and Cilantro Lime Rice, refried or whole Beans are part of the package, as are several salsas. The tender pork in piquant red sauce rendered a salsa superfluous. I did ask for a dollop of sour cream to temper the subtle kick of the sauce.

Breakfast burritos and a handful of entrees are also available.

Not only is the food fresh and delectable, but the staff is friendly and solicitous. Orders are placed at the counter and burritos are made as you wait. Still, the staff checks to ensure everything is fine, all of which sets Azada apart from the pack.

Azada Mexican Grill
Four Plates
16 E. Bijou
Colorado Springs, CO

Fiesta in Flagstaff   Leave a comment

Finding good Mexican food in Arizona is a no-brainer, but thinking to look in a Flagstaff strip mall took some thought. Thanks to our son who attends NAU, we found Tacos Los Altos. It’s been serving an “Authentic Taste of Mexican Homemade Food” since 1999. The mall location has been open four years, and expanded to more than double its space this summer. Only the increase in square footage has changed; the food remains fresh and flavorful.

This is a place-your-order-at-the-counter establishment. The food is brought to the table, but standing at the counter reading the extensive menu can be a bit daunting. That’s why I just went with the daily special listed on the wipe board: Carne Asada, tortillas, rice, beans and soda for $6.99. My husband and son scrutinized the menu a little longer and decided on the beef burrito and ham torta, respectively.

From the outside, Tacos Los Altos is nondescript. The interior, however, is bright, colorful and friendly. A serve-yourself salsa bar features almost too many choices. Pico de Gallo and the green salsa were rich and piquant – they were just right.

Shortly after placing my order, the carne asada was removed from the wipe board. Mine was apparently among the last available. The meat was a little dry but the flavor remained. The rice and beans were winners; the true champion was my husband’s beef burrito filled with chile con carne that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. We eventually traded plates.

Tacos Los Altos
Three-and-a-half Plates
2500 S. Woodlands Village Blvd. S
Flagstaff, AZ

Building Better Burritos   Leave a comment

When food is good, I mean really good, it’s easy to overlook things like long lines, odd
hours, and even Styrofoam containers. Ordinarily, just one of those could off-putting,
but at El Taco Rey all three go hand-in-hand with made-to-order exceptional Mexican

Once the food arrives (in the environmentally-incorrect containers for dine-in or take-
out) all attention focuses on the flavors: green chili with a kick and tender bits of pork.
The signature dish is the Avocado Pork Burrito. This is spicy enough to wake up the
sinuses, but not so much that watering eyes drown the taste. The burrito is filled with
diced pork and the cool, smooth texture of avocado. This helps offset some of the heat
from the chili, which is a thick gravy smothering the burrito. The sauce has a tendency
to make the large flour tortilla a little gummy and hard to cut – this is not food to eat
with your hands. The plastic fork and knife require a lot of pressure to separate a bite
from the whole. Of course, once that’s achieved, it’s worth the effort.

The menu features traditional Mexican food from enchiladas to tamales, from tacos to
burritos. They may be ordered a la carte or as a combination plate served with rice and
beans, or beans and salad. This family-run business has been drawing diners to the
seven-table eatery (two other tables are available outside) since 1976. People stand in
line for a reason: the food is worth it.

El Taco Rey
Four Plates
330 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO