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Upscale in Uptown Denver   2 comments


Although most of the lyrics eluded us, my friends and I sang what we remembered of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl en route to Humboldt because it’s located in Uptown Denver. That set the mood for a thoroughly enjoyable meal.


Humboldt Farm Fish Wine is uptown in more ways than just its geographic location. It’s contemporary, bright and offers a diverse menu while putting new spins on time-honored familiars. It also helped that our server was exceptionally well-versed in the restaurant’s offerings.



Steak Salad usually doesn’t catch my attention, but when the ingredients include harissa, bleu cheese and chimichurri, it’s hard to resist. I’m glad I didn’t. The tender pieces of flank steak and harissa, a Middle Eastern condiment of chile, garlic, cumin and other spices, would have been satisfying on their own. The inclusion of bleu cheese, roasted red peppers, cipollini onions and peppery arugula dressed with chimichurri in vinaigratte form resulted in an exquisite combination of flavors typically not associated with one another.


Our server recommended the Rueben which was served on artistically-marbled rye bread. Each element was perfectly balanced: corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island Dressing. However, it was nearly overshadowed by the side of roasted cauliflower.

All I sampled from the Albacore Tuna Salad was a beet because goat cheese, of which I’m not a fan, was a main ingredient. Still, I was intrigued by the pomegranate vanilla dressing, but not enough to taste more than the red vegie.

For a little while, we were living in an “uptown world.”

Humboldt Farm Fish Wine
Nearly Five Plates
1700 Humboldt St.,
Denver, CO

Bar & Grill is Less & More   Leave a comment

The Clement Street Bar & Grill in San Francisco’s Richmond District creates an inauspicious initial impression. It’s dark, older and, at first glance, the menu, in a plastic sleeve, features a scattered array of offerings. Thankfully, first impressions aren’t always right.


We dined at CSB&G to commemorate my oldest son’s graduation for his master’s from the University of San Francisco. The bar made it possible for us to raise our glasses in celebration, and the grill provided entrees to make it special. Our guest of honor selected Salmon glazed in an orange vinaigrette. The grilled-to-perfection fish was showcased by the tanginess of the glaze. I had the Black Truffle Porcine Mushroom Ravioli. The earthy blend in the light pasta pillows was rich and satisfying. Other dishes included the Pasta with Scallops and Shrimp in a rich wine base; a well-grilled New York Steak; Fettucine with Chicken; and Pork Tenderloin with a cranberry chutney. Everyone one at our table was pleased.


Nonetheless, we wanted dessert — in large part because we couldn’t ignore the tantalizing offerings: Key Lime Pie, Creme Brulee, Banana Cream Pie with Black Bottom Crust and Fresh Blackberry Pie. Unfortunately, the temptations fared better on the menu than they did in reality. The caramel shell over the Creme Brulee was too thick; it overpowered the otherwise well-executed vanilla custard underneath. The pies were fine, but not exceptional.


Our eyes adjusted to the comfortable setting, we enjoyed our meal, and things weren’t as dark or old as they first appeared. I can only hope the same can be said of me.

Clement Street Bar & Grill
Four Plates
708 Clement St.
San Francisco, Calif

Carnivore’s Carnival   3 comments

For some reason quality isn’t the only thing I associate with price, it’s also ambiance.
So I was surprised by the tony Famous Steak House where red meat reigns amid
a stylish but noisy dining room.

My friends and I had been anxious to try The Famous, and Restaurant Week literal-
ly afforded us the perfect opportunity. For $50 per couple, choices included the Caesar
salad or iceberg wedge with blue cheese; filet, ribeye or salmon; and cheesecake or
chocolate torte. The regular price of the filet is $38, so this was quite the deal.

The place was packed, which was most obvious from the sound level. I would not
choose this restaurant for a romantic evening. Although I did see a couple enjoying
their evening together – based on their proximity to one another in their circular
leather booth. I tried not stare, but since we were seated facing them, in a similar
booth, they were in my direct line of vision.

The iceberg wedge was almost a meal in itself. This, our server said, is a perfect salad
for blue cheese lovers; it was. Three of us ordered the filet and we all agreed it was
cooked very well but wasn’t fork-tender. Our odd-man-out ordered the ribeye and
was disappointed because it lacked the heartiness he associates with the cut.

The creamy cheesecake was perfect to end the meal, but we had to walk down the
street to a wine bar afterward to be able to hear each other talk.

The Famous Steak House
Three Plates
31 N. Tejon
Colorado Springs, CO