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Everyone knows the adage about not watching sausage being made. Get past that
and it’s easy to see good sausage disappear from a plate. Fortunately, Prost
doesn’t make anyone go through the process of witnessing sausage production.
Instead, this small restaurant in the mountain town of Frisco, CO, serves saus-
ages made from an array of meats and ingredients. My friends and I ordered a
sampler with four different types. We selected Boar with Apricot and Cranberry,
Pheasant with Parmesan, Veal Bratwurst and Smoked Beef Bratwurst. Other
options included Buffalo with Green Chile and Chipotle, Chicken and Apple, and
Elk with Jalapeno Cheddar. There’s also a vegetarian alternative, but that seemes
like an oxymoron. A small disclaimer on the menu notes that “Due to the fresh-
ness of our product not all items may be available.”

My first bite was the veal, which melted in my mouth. Its subtleness was intri-
guing. That is until I tasted another sausage. The veal was ultimately oversha-
dowed by the flavors of the other meats which were rich and distinct. The overall
favorite was the Boar. The sweetness of the apricot and cranberry balanced well
with the hearty meat. The Sampler Plates can be ordered with up to four different
types of sausage, and are served with baby gherkins. Bread can be ordered as a
side, and several kinds of mustard are also available.

And, with a name like Prost, there’s plenty of beer choices to help further enjoy
the food.

Three-and-a half Plates
313 Main St., Frisco, CO


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4 responses to “Wurst in the Best Way

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  1. Yes, wurst in the BEST way! Yummy food and fun friends 😉

  2. Looks a place I need to visit. Nice post!

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