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After reading the first eight – practically in one sitting – Stephanie Plum
comedy-mysteries, I knew I had to stop. And I did, cold turkey. I’d notice
a new catchy title, or a friend would mention the Morelli/Ranger lines of
division; but I stayed away. Except, for the past six months Smokin’ Seventeen
by Janet Evonovich has been languishing on my nightstand. It doesn’t matter
how it got there, only that I had successfully ignored it, for a while.

A few pages in, I remembered why I had abandoned Stephanie and all the other
whacky characters, the silly repartee and the inane situations. Nothing had
changed. Yet, I kept reading, and as I did, I was hooked. The banter became
less hare-brained: it was laugh out loud funny. I found myself enjoying the
flaws I had identified years ago.

Smokin’ Seventeen once again finds bounty hunger Stephanie in Trenton, N.J.
She remains caught between feelings (the ones that stir certain body parts
and emotions) for Morelli, the good cop, and Ranger, the sexy equivalent of
a bad cop. The story centers around a rash of dead bodies left near the places
Stephanie works and lives. Several corpses have notes addressed to her. The
possibility of a third romantic interest, one who can cook, also appears.

Evanovich is nothing if not prolific and humorous. Explosive Eighteen is now
in bookstores, but I plan on exercising self-control and not reading it any time
soon. Sometimes too much of a good thing gets old fast.

Three Bookmarks
Bantam Books, 2011
308 pages


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