Breaking for Bread and Soup   Leave a comment

Solace is found in the familiar, and La Baguette with its French onion
soup sets the benchmark for comfort. Although I encourage others to
sample different dishes, the only deviation I’ll make is including a
salad or extra roll with my order.

The venerable Westside eatery has been serving soups, sandwiches and
a few hot entrees for 28 years. It rarely varies in quality. The gooey
cheese stretches like soft taffy from the steaming rich beef broth thick
with onions; the house specialty is comfort food deified. Served with
a hard roll, whose crust shatters when broken, this remarkably simple
meal ($6.25) is complete.

The house salad is romaine dressed with olive oil, tarragon and lemon
juice. Again, simplicity is as much an ingredient as salt and pepper.
La Baguette’s combination of French onion soup and salad ($7.75) is
the best of all worlds.

Orders are placed at the counter behind which are stacked more than a
baker’s dozen of bread types – from extra long French batards to round
walnut-raisin loaves. All are airy with a hard crust. To be honest even
day-old bologna would be elevated by this bread – but that would be a
waste. The pastry case includes croissants, Napoleons, clafoutis, and
more. The overall décor is bistro-like with tables crowded together
making for snug dining companions.

On each visit, I am thrilled with the delicious consistency of the soup
a la maison. Looking around at the elbow-to-elbow tables, I always seem
to be in good company.

Five Plates
La Baguette
2417 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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