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The Landmark Café and Creperie has several house specialties, but I
only tried those on the dessert menu. Oh, it was tempting to select
savory crepes as my entrée, but the brandied apples, sun dried tomatoes,
mushrooms and duck over fettuccine was too intriguing to dismiss. I had
never considered pairing pommes de terre with pasta, yet the unlikely
couple made a fine marriage. The duck approached the dry side, but the
elegant sauce of the brandy, apples and sundried tomatoes made it possible
to overlook this potential flaw. The boring house salad was salvaged only
by the tangy cranberry vinaigrette.

Apparently, spinach bisque is a Landmark specialty, but I didn’t find this
out until later. In addition to pastas, main course salads and sandwiches,
the menu features at least half a dozen savory crepes. Chicken Divan and
Beef Burgundy were among those sampled and deemed delicious.

Although our small group of Knox College students claimed to be full, every-
one still had room for dessert. My son and I made the mistake of requesting
the large serving of the Crepes Banana Foster. We erred only because it was
far too much – even shared. Still, the caramel sauce was decadent. The Turtle
Crepes also got two thumbs up. We all agreed that the crepes were difficult
to cut with a spoon.

We’re likely to visit Galesburg over the next four years, so we’ll have plenty
of opportunity to sample the house favorites, and find new ones.

Four Plates
62 S. Seminary St.
Galesburg, Ill.


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