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Riding a train on an overnight trip is nostalgic on many levels, but not
necessarily in a positive way. It’s a slumber party with strangers; or
perhaps a little like a B&B with neither a real bed nor a good break-
fast. Sure, breakfast is served, but that’s where another questionable
parallel surfaces: it’s like school cafeteria food.

The California Zephyr is a good way to get from Colorado to the Midwest.
I wanted an aboard meal, and breakfast seemed the best option. Following
a fitful night’s sleep, my husband and I wobbled our way to the dining car.
The menu featured scrambled eggs, French toast, oatmeal or cold cereal,
and The Chef’s Morning Special: tomato, spinach, mushroom quiche. Every-
thing was overpriced, but we were game.

I ordered the special which included potatoes and a choice of biscuit,
raisin bread or croissant. Another passenger, who had just spent his
second night on board, was seated at our table; he said he had the quiche
the day before. I blame lack of sleep on my inability to react. I chose
the quiche, realizing just before my plate arrived, that it was probably
leftover from the previous day. In fact, what was once perhaps a flakey,
buttery crust had become soggy and bland. The thick slices of French toast
weren’t any fresher.

As for the passenger who joined us, that was similar to a B&B; and the train
was, indeed, a throwback to another time. Too bad the meal tasted like it.

One Plate
Breakfast prices $7 to $10.75, includes juice and choice of coffee, tea or milk

Posted November 10, 2011 by bluepagespecial in Restaurants

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