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(Wo)man’s Best Friend   2 comments

I’ve had three dogs in my adult life, so I found the first line of Jill Abramson’s
The Puppy Diaries – Raising a Dog Named Scout powerful: “The truth
about getting a new dog is that it makes you miss the old one.”

Still, I struggled with Abramson’s combination memoir/how-to guide which
chronicles the life she and her husband share with their blond golden retriev-
er. How he came into their lives is interesting and the joy he brings is palpable,
but not necessarily unique. I don’t want to disparage the connection she has
with her dog, but anyone who has played or lived with a dog will be familiar
with everything Abramson writes about. This may be a source of reassurance
for some dog owners, but for readers it is the book’s major flaw. What sets
the story apart, and is given only a casual nod, is the way dog ownership has
changed, and that the Abramsons are “aging baby boomers with dogs …”

Don’t get me wrong, I have immense respect for Abramson. She is the first
female excutive editor of The New York Times. Her journalism creds are both
impressive and intimidating to me, a former reporter. No doubt, her journal-
istic background provided access to the sources she doles out like special

Writing about dogs is a sure-fire way to evoke emotion among dog owners.
Most wear their passion for their canine pals like a collar of pride. Clearly,
Abramson is no exception, but then neither am I.

“The Puppy Diaries”

Two Bookmarks
Times Books, 2011
242 pages