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TV Dinners Can Be Tasty!   Leave a comment

When I was a kid, it was a treat to eat in front of the television, even if the meal was a previously-frozen TV dinner. The flimsy aluminum trays with sections separating the main course from the vegies and dessert were part of the appeal just because they were different. It was the experience, not the food, that made it special.

Thanks to Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Colorado Springs, the memories came back to life. This time, though, with much better food!

For $10 each, Lazy Dog sells frozen dinners to reheat at home. Unlike the flimsy packaging containing insubstantial TV dinners from my childhood, these are deep, heavy-duty aluminum trays full of food. The fried chicken meal featured two large, (as in enough for another meal) breaded/fried breasts, mashed potatoes and gravy, spinach with bacon bits and blue corn cake for dessert.

It was difficult to distinguish the gravy from the potatoes since they blended together. Still, the result was creamy with the taste of real potatoes; nothing needed hydration here. The spinach was fine: there was bacon! While the chicken should have been the star of the meal, that honor went to the dessert. I had no idea what to expect from a blue corn cake, but it was sweet and buttery.

The chicken, although plentiful as noted, was not exceptional as fried versions go, but it was still worth ordering. Other TV dinner choices include bison meatloaf, chicken pot pie, enchiladas, fish sticks and several other chicken options. All, except the pot pie, include a side vegie and dessert.

Select a dinner from Lazy Dog, find some retro TV trays and turn on the set. It’s a fun, satisfying way to relive bygone days.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

7605 N. Academy Blvd.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

In the Chef’s Hands   Leave a comment

Although I know the difference between good manners and bad, I wanted to throw
that wisdom out the door at Scarpetta. I enjoyed an early birthday present from
my mother and a dear friend where we ordered the four course tasting menu. I want-
ed to lick each plate clean after every single serving, but etiquette prevailed.

With the tasting menu we put ourselves at the chef’s mercy – and generosity. To be-
gin: Crudo of Sashimi and Yellowtail with ginger oil. Both sang in my mouth. A prawn-
stuffed, deep-fried Zucchini Blossom followed. We received two extra courses. The
first, a plate of Braised Short Ribs served on a bed of farro. The tender meat was smooth
as butter on a warm day. Scarpetta is known for its Spaghetti, which was served next.
It sounds pedestrian; yet, with a sauce of reduced fresh tomatoes and basil, this was
perhaps the most perfect al dente pasta I’ve eaten.

While enjoying the spaghetti, a server brought another extra, Agnotti. These small pasta
pouches were stuffed with reduced short rib marrow and drizzled with browned butter.
At this point it might seem the entrée would have been overkill, but it wasn’t. Black Cod
over roasted fennel and tomato was another taste spectacular.

Perhaps having dessert was too much, but it was wonderfully over the top. An assort-
ment of flavors and textures arrived on one plate featuring Caramel Budino, Pineapple
Panna Cotta, Chocolate Molten Cake, and Hazlenut Gelato.

I was sated and too well-mannered to moan in delight.

Five Plates
225 N. Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA