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This Common Secret by Susan Wicklund must be read with a receptive mind – and open heart. It’s subtitled My Journey as an Abortion Doctor.

Wicklund candidly recounts her life as a single mother who embarks on a quest to become a medical doctor specializing in women’s reproductive health. This includes, but isn’t limited to, abortions.

As she establishes her career she reassures patients, and readers, about what’s involved in the process while stressing the fact that the decision is solely the woman’s. Myths are dispelled by detailing the procedure. Efforts are made through counseling patients to establish that this is the situation. Wicklund’s sensitivity to her patients is evident throughout the narrative.

Despite being the target of daily threats by anti-abortionists and the loss of time with her family, Wicklund is committed to providing a service in a caring, professional manner. She’s aware the decision to have an abortion is not easily, casually or haphazardly made. This is highlighted through the stories shared about many of the women (in some cases girls) Wicklund has supported through the years.

Although Wicklund shared the writing with Alan Kesselheim, it is clearly her story and voice that permeates the book. Frustration with government regulations, close-minded people, intimidation, the back-alley abortions that do put women’s lives (and reproductive health) in danger and numerous other obstacles drive Wicklund to help those in need.

Wicklund makes a strong case that the choice to abort is a discussion that should involve only a woman and her physician.

This Common Secret

Almost Four Bookmarks

Public Affairs, 2007

268 pages, includes Epilogue, Afterword, Acknowledgements and Appendix