Three’s a Charm   5 comments


Thanks WordPress for letting me know this is our third anniversary. I don’t have a book or restaurant to review right now, but I did make my 275th post earlier this week.

The traditional gift to commemorate three years is leather. Hhmmm. Sounds like I need to get a book to celebrate!

Thanks WordPress, but more importantly, thank you readers! It’s nice to know I have followers who aren’t related to me, although I am very grateful to those who are for being so consistent in your love and support. I’ll keep writing and I hope you’ll keep reading. Here’s to three more — at least!


5 responses to “Three’s a Charm

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  1. Three years! Congratulations are in order. So, how many books have you read in three years?

    • Great question! It’s probably in the 140 range — give or take a half dozen. Consequently, other things are neglected. Most notably my house. You must be getting close to three years, too.

      • Next month I begin my fourth year on WP. I always count in terms of starting rather than completing. For instance, last year on my husband’s birthday I mentioned to him that the next day he would begin living his fiftieth year. He assured me he was only 49, but as I pointed out, multiple times, he had completed 49 years of life and would actually be living his 50th year. He didn’t like my math.

  2. Congratulations, Robin! I’m looking forward to many more reviews and delicious photos!

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