Dining as a Respite From Cooking   2 comments


When there’s been too much activity in the kitchen, thanks to extra mouths to feed and the excess associated with the holidays, going out to eat is less an opportunity to dine and more a chance to rest. Such was the case on a visit to Savelli’s, which met our criteria for the evening: close to home where we could be seated without having to wait long.

Savelli’s is a neighborhood Italian restaurant, complete with red-checkered tablecloths and a standard menu of pizza, calzones and pasta. It was a good choice, and as the place filled while the evening progressed, it was easy to see why it appealed to young families, couples and large groups. There is, indeed, something for everyone – even if the something is not exceptionally inspiring.


The Chicken Parmesan featured what appeared to be a previously-frozen cutlet bathed in a tangy marinara sauce over a bed of spaghetti. The chicken parm I make is definitely better, but the benchmark this night was based more on convenience than culinary execution. My husband’s Calzone was stuffed with Italian sausage and pepperoni. The large slits not only allowed the air to escape from within the confines of the stuffed, baked turnover, but also much of the filling. Consequently, it was difficult to eat – even with a fork and knife.


The good news is we were sated, relaxed and didn’t have to spend much. Sometimes that’s more you can hope for.


Three-and-a-half Plates
301 Manitou Ave.
Manitou Springs, CO


2 responses to “Dining as a Respite From Cooking

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  1. We haven’t eaten there is quite a while but I have never had a bad meal there. Glad to hear that while it might not be setting the culinary world on fire that it is still a good go to.

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