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beesignAlthough The Broadmoor Hotel is a five-star resort, with its multiple restaurants boasting accolades from various sources, not everything merits high praise. Recently, for example, the Golden Bee lacked the culinary chops of the resort’s other dining facilities, but out distances the pack when it comes to fun.

beebeerNot only was the food lackluster, but several missteps were surprising: a dirty fork and a gummy drink menu. Yet. Yes yet, we had a very enjoyable time.bees

The Bee is meant to evoke an English pub. The setting is beautiful and newly remodeled to accommodate a larger crowd. Some things remain, happily, the same, including the sticky bees thrown onto diners’ clothing and the yards of beer. Two of our sons ordered half-yards.

The piano, next to our table, contributed the evening’s success. Bud, the versatile pianist, struck up a conversation, and soon our youngest son, an accomplished player, was performing in his place.

In keeping with the pub theme, my husband ordered the Fish and Chips and was disappointed. Two of us ordered the Cottage Pie, beef tips with vegetables in a rich gravy beneath a golden biscuit-like crust. The vegies were inconsistently cooked and the crust was dense. The same was true of the Chicken Pot Pie. The winning dish of the night was the Bangers and Mash. A sherry sauce with onions served over the sausages created entrée-envy among us.

Nonetheless, we could not have asked for a better environment in which to consume our mostly uninspired food.

Golden Bee
The Broadmoor Hotel
Three Plates
Corner of First Street and Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colo.


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  1. I’ve been to the Golden Bee. We stayed at the Broadmoor for a conference once and the thing I remember most about the Golden Bee was being handed a paper song book at the door and singing drinking songs after dinner. I actually have the little sticky bee stuck in the corner of my computer screen. Fun place, can’t remember the food at all. Not saying much for a restaurant, is it?

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