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The Blue Star was here first. It is like the older sister of Nosh, which I wrote about here
recently. The two restaurants share the same owner, and are lively, energetic venues where
the chefs get creative, even a bit carried away. There’s something to be said about experi-
menting with new foods, but I decided not to order the fried alligator and waffles.

I love good service at a restaurant, especially when it complements good food. The Blue
knows the value of such a marriage. The place was packed but our server was patient,
answered questions, and remained attentive long after our meal was served. I’m also
impressed when the owner stops by. This happened when we dined at Nosh last month,
and again at The Blue  Star. I am certain he has neither a twin nor a clone.

My husband ordered the Burger with Cheddar after confirming Crème Brulee was available
for dessert. I ordered a Grilled Apple Salad with a creamy blue cheese vinaigrette. Although
good, it was superfluous. I couldn’t finish my entrée of Mini Crab Cakes, thick with pieces of
crab augmented by piquant colors and tastes on either side: a splash of wasabi mayonnaise
and bright chile paste. Jasmine rice shaped like the crab cakes was a welcome addition to
the plate.

Although, I suspect Fridays are always hopping, especially right after work, this particular
Friday was electric with weekend anticipation – and the apparent need to use a Groupon be-
fore its expiration date.

The Blue Star
Four Plates
1645 S. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, CO


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