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Before I finished eating, I wondered if Five Plates were appropriate for a
burger joint. The truth is Bingo Burger scored big on everything from food
to service, from mostly locally-sourced ingredients to the casual atmosphere,
but especially the food. Ultimately, I found two problems: it’s about 50 miles
from my doorstep and it’s pricey.

This is a colorfully decorated, upscale burger bastion. As soon as we entered,
my friend and I were greeted with a warm hello and admonished to take our
time ordering, but we weren’t to hesitate if we had any questions. And, by
the way, the ultra-friendly counterperson said, the milkshake flavor of the
day was banana chocolate. Ultimately, we were walked through the process:
pick a burger; we each opted for the namesake Bingo Burger, made with pueblo
chilies. Next was whether it should be “pink or not pink.” The usual accouter-
ments were available, as were other options ranging from different cheeses to
caramelized onions from fried egg to guacamole (and more). Thankfully, there
was no variation for the bun, which complemented rather than overwhelmed.
To have missed it would have shortchanged the burger.

Ordering the milkshake was a no brainer; banana chocolate is a hard-to-resist
combination, and it didn’t disappoint. This was thick, creamy and dense with
flavor. It, the shared side of hand-cut sweet potato fries served with tangy,
smoky curry ketchup, and the burgers made for a complete, delicious dining
experience – about $25 for two (including the shake we shared).

Bingo Burger
Four and half Plates
101 Central Plaza
Pueblo, CO
(Closed Sundays)


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