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Full disclosure: The Margarita at Pine Creek is among my favorite
restaurants. It’s been around since the mid-1970s; I’ve been a fan
many of those years. My love affair is based on exceptional service,
and its approach to seasonal foods (way before it was trendy or the
norm). It’s my special-occasion place; but every now and then, my
husband and I go for the simple, hokey reason it’s a nice place to
enjoy each other’s company.

Many of the servers have long been part of the dining room. The
commitment to unique spins on traditional plates has been constant.
Several years ago, a printed menu and the choice of a three-course
meal, down from the usual five courses, were introduced. Diners can
choose from three of the five courses: appetizer, salad, soup, entrée
and dessert – or all. Each course has two or more items to select
from, and the warm bread is always a treat.

I began with calamari and shrimp in a roasted-tomato bouillabaisse.
Tender pieces of seafood bathed in rich tomato sauce featured bits
of tangy green olives. The parmesan-dressed salad was above-average,
but our server brought the vegetable bisque to sample. After sharing
a bowl, my husband and I were disappointed we hadn’t ordered it. My
Colorado Sea Bass was melt-in-your-mouth tender, topped with chorizo
butter, over jasmine rice and spinach.

Apologizing for the small portion of tiramisu, our server brought an-
other for us to take home. I’m sure we’ll fight over it in the morning.

Five Plates
The Margarita at Pine Creek
7350 Pine Creek
Colorado Springs, CO


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  1. ahhh, haven’t been there in years….must make it a must do for 2012~

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