A Nocturnal Wonderland   Leave a comment

I know the journey’s supposed to be more significant than the
destination, but a recent event for the Crested Butte Junior Nordic
Ski Team made it hard to tell the difference. The goal was dinner
at the Magic Meadows Yurt and reaching it involved cross-country
skiing through a much-anticipated snowstorm (which added about
15 inches to the terrain). Usually, the snow is bright enough for
cross-country skiing at night, but the seemingly unending flurries
made visibility somewhat difficult.

Magic Meadows Yurt hosts moonlight and special occasion dinn-
ers throughout the winter – no matter the amount of snow or moon
glow. The menu varies from dinner to dinner; however, reaching
the yurt, enjoying its warmth, and relishing the friendliness of
strangers enhances the dining experience.

The “Thai-One On Fundraiser” featured freshly made Thai food
by a ski team member’s mother. The young team members served,
and the local Gypsy Jazz Social Club provided toe-tapping live
music. The kids, all lacked serving skills, were entertaining; the
food reflected culinary expertise.

Egg rolls and spring rolls were starters. The latter filled with rice
noodles, mint and shrimp accompanied by lightly-spiced peanut
dipping sauce. Soup, salad, entrée and dessert were included,
along with beer, wine and soft drinks. The vegetable soup, made
with a rich coconut milk base full of mushrooms, carrots and bam-
boo shoots, garnered raves. The beef and green bean curry entree
boasted a subtle kick.

After strapping the skis on again, we were fortified by all the yurt
had offered.

Four Plates
The Magic Meadows Yurt — 1.25 miles on the Peanut Lake Trail,
a fairly flat, winding trek.
Crested Butte:
• February 7, Full Moon Dinner
• February 14, Valentine’s Dinner
• February 19, President’s Weekend Dinner
• March 8, Full Moon Dinner
• March 17, Last Dinner of the Season

• TIME: Doors open at 6, dinner at 6:30

• COST: Varies on whether equipment rental or trail pass
are needed
Reservations: Call 970-349-1707, ext. 2


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