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Some nights, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself, are simply not
meant to highlight a fine dining experience. This includes New Year’s Eve. If
not for the humor, warmth and companionship of friends, dinner at the
Crystola Roadhouse would have been a sorry way to end 2011.

Granted, the kitchen and wait staff was running on all cylinders, but most of
the misfires on the plate had nothing to do with being busy. The regular Friday
and Saturday night special is Prime Rib. It was the December 31st special as
well. It came with salad, mixed vegetables, roasted potatoes and bread. This
all sounds good.

The iceberg salad, with a few pieces of tomato added for color, arrived (literally)
a split second before the entrée. So much for pacing the meal.

The Prime Rib was cooked well and, despite using a steak knife with the tension
of a rubber band, was tender and flavorful. Nothing else could make the same
claim. The potatoes were undercooked. The mixed vegies, of corn, green beans,
peas and lima beans, came straight out of a supermarket’s frozen food section.
The bread was simply buttered toast.

I’m happy to note that service was above average, and the beer was plentiful.
Thank goodness for the company of good friends. Otherwise, as just a date night
destination, the Crystola Roadhouse might have had the potential to put a chill
on the evening that has nothing to do with temperatures on a cold winter’s night.

“Crystola Roadhouse”
Two Plates
20918 East U.S. Highway 24, Woodland Park, CO


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