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A bungled reservation, an over-zealous server, and cold air wafting into the room
could have contributed to a disastrous dining experience at Springs Orleans.
Instead, the food not only ruled the night, it negated the coulda-been problems.

The menu is a what’s what in New Orleans cooking: Shrimp Etouffee, Red Beans
and Rice, Shrimp and Grits, Gumbo and much more. Prices range from moderate
($11 for a shrimp Po’Boy) to pricey ($20 for the Shrimp Platter).

We started with the Calamari and Creole marinara. Dual textures from the crunchy,
suggestively spicy breading and the chewy soft squid were a treat. The bonus was
the sauce: a spin on a traditional marinara with the addition of Cajun seasoning –
which, the hostess explained, has 32 herbs and spices.

I ordered the pasta with lobster and sundried tomatoes in a creamy tarragon sauce.
It was Mardi Gras on a plate: an exciting, festive combination but you can only take
so much. It wasn’t just rich, it was luxurious. The tubular spring-like pasta was
eclipsed by the profusion of flavor. My husband ordered the Fried Shrimp that was
neither greasy no heavy shone on the Platter. It featured the same breading as the
calamari. The Platterscome with choices of several sides including crispy French
fries, balsamic grilled vegies, mashed potatoes, greens and coleslaw.

The loud, cheerful atmosphere is enhanced by the live music from the keyboardist.
This is not the place for a romantic meal, but it’s perfect for being transported to
Louisiana without ever leaving town.

Four Plates
Springs Orleans
123 E. Pikes Peak
Colorado Springs


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