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The beauty of having my own blog is that I not only get to decide what
I want to write about; I can also determine the frequency, format and
tone. I’ve set my own deadlines, which means I can break them, if I
choose. I have also created my own focus: where I eaten and what I’ve
read. So far, so good, I think. With that in mind, I am, nonetheless,
taking today to do something just a little different: to give thanks.

I am grateful beyond words (written and spoken) for the support of
The Blue Page Special. I am especially thankful for my family and
friends who have recommended books through the years. And, of
course, a meal becomes more than just food when shared. Thank you!

In keeping with the food theme associated with Thanksgiving, here
are some places around Colorado Springs where I have enjoyed not
just good food, but good food with special people – this excludes,
of course, the homes of family, friends (and my own). At some point,
I’ll write reviews of these places, but until then (in no particular

The Margarita at Pine Creek
Adams Mountain Café (Manitou Springs)
La Baguette
Josh and Jon’s Ice Cream
Bird Dog BBQ
The Keg (Manitou Springs)
Joanie’s Deli (Woodland Park)

Check them out if you haven’t already; or wait until my reviews!
Thank you!


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