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Having a tamale person is like having a good mechanic – something everyone needs, but
doesn’t always find. In the case of Olga & Sons Tamales, they found me. This is a mom and
pop –oops, hijos — operation; Olga makes tamales in her kitchen and her sons sell them
in offices and at farmer’s markets around Colorado Springs.

Olga’s son Omar has the route that includes the light industrial area where I go for my
Spanish class once a week. Usually, the available choices are pollo or queso. The shredded
chicken tamales have an appealing but unusual essence thanks to a green sauce made with basil.
When combined with the masa (dough made of ground corn meal and lard, yep lard) spread
inside the corn husk wrapper, the result is a subtle fiesta of flavors. The cheese variety
is filled with mozzarella wrapped around a thin sliver of jalapeno. It’s a small piece, so
more zip would be welcome.

Occasionally, the selection includes carne. Recently, there were two meats: shredded beef
and ground beef with jalapeno. I opted for the former. The meat was stewed in a red chile
sauce making it tender and savory. The masa was seasoned with a bit of the sauce for a
thoroughly flavorful tamale. The kicker came in a baggie of runny, but potent, eye-watering
salsa to pour on top.

Some tamale makers have a tendency to bulk up on the masa and skimp on the filling, but
Omar’s mom has just the right balance.

Tamales are $10 a dozen.
Three-and-a-half Plates

(Let me know if you want the phone number for Olga & Sons so you can place an order.)


3 responses to “Tamales by the Dozen

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  1. Yes, please email Bob:
    Omar’s phone number (tamale guy)

  2. Very nicce post

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